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Saima Masood – Sharing her blogging journey

What happens to a bird whose wings have been clipped?

What happens to a bird who wants to fly high but is caged?

Birds are meant to fly, NOT caged.

That’s how I felt, CAAAAGGGGGGEEEEED. 

Until I became financially independent.

Until I started doing what I loved doing.

My blogging journey started in 2014, with a few dreams in my eyes, and little money in my pocket.

Back then my only goal was to achieve financial freedom so that I don’t have to ask anyone for something as small as getting myself a cup of coffee? Naah

I never wanted to rely on anyone for my needs. I heard a lot of stories about a biryani wala turning into a millionaire, and many other gurus who were earning well working online, I started blogging thinking maybe one day I’ll be a millionaire, too.

Initially I had no idea of keyword research, and backlinks, and my posts revolved around the daily struggles of parenting, or how society is so cruel and doesn’t care about you. (Yea you can call them ranting posts).

But to my surprise many people wrote emails to me stating that they loved my write-ups, some would consistently follow my blog posts and offer appreciation (I frankly didn’t consider myself a great writer) but yes I was honest in my writing and helpful enough through my tips.

That’s when I started receiving many messages offering me blog partnerships (yea, they wanted me to do the hard work) I also fell for a few, but only for a short period of time.

I paid many SEO gurus to do SEO for my site, followed many fake gurus and guess what NOTHING worked.

That’s when I rolled my sleeves up and started working my ass off!

And that’s when my life changed miraculously.

I didn’t have to abide by any rules, I had no boss to answer to, I wasn’t facing harassment at work, no dirty politics. Nothing. It felt so sexy, I swear!

 Me in my comfortable Pj’s working from the comfort of my bedroom.

And no I am not claiming to be a millionaire. I am not filthy rich (sorry to burst your bubble). 

But I have made some decent money to offer myself a comfortable lifestyle, a car to drive, eat at places I love and order food when I don’t feel like cooking and travel sometime.

Now getting rich isn’t SUCCESS to me.

Real success comes from contentment.

I also feel, when your inner self is happy and at ease, your conscience is clean, you are free from all grudges, you experience the real joy of life.

Money might bring you pleasure (temporary happiness) but this doesn’t last long. 

And I feel a 9 to 5 job wouldn’t have made me happier than I am today, not because I earn in dollars, but because I feel happy doing what I do for a living.

Writing made me discover myself and unlock my true potential.

I have tried my hand at many things, from freelancing to affiliate marketing, but I recently made a switch from content writing to COPYWRITING, and I am also an SEO enthusiast. I actually like a combination of both, social media targeted advertising and organic traffic (SEO).

I also help brands develop their own unique voice, create content that’s highly relevant to their audience, and help them position themselves better in the competitive marketing niche. 

I also offer re-branding, and editing of their existing content.

And I love to COOK and absolutely LOVVVVVEEE making NEW FRIENDS! I hope I haven’t bored you? Have I?  So yea that was my story! 

Author Bio: Saima Masood is a copywriter, she helps clients writing a copy that generates them sales FAST. She blogs at saimamasood, where she shares her secret copywriting mantras.

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