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A Taste of Pakistan in Buffalo: The Murshad Masud Qazi Saga

In the bustling city of Buffalo, New York, amidst the diverse tapestry of cultures and the mesmerizing proximity to the iconic Niagara Falls, one man’s vision has been reshaping the gastronomic landscape. Murshad Masud Qazi, hailing from the esteemed Kahut Quresh family of Chakwal, Pakistan, is not only the Chief Executive Officer of ClayHandi Restaurant but also a seasoned entrepreneur with a rich tapestry of global experiences.

Journey of Mr. Qazi:

Mr. Qazi’s journey into the culinary world began with a profound realization – the need to showcase the incredible quality of the soil from his homeland through organically cooked foods. With extensive experience in sales, marketing, and product development, coupled with his role as a consultant with the European Union and the UK’s Department of Trade and Industry, Mr. Qazi is no stranger to the intricacies of international business.

Having participated in over 500 trade shows across the globe, Mr. Qazi’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to open Zaiqa Restaurant in 2012 in Buffalo, later rebranded as ClayHandi. The choice of Buffalo was strategic, as Mr. Qazi aimed to deliver the concept of organic cooking to people of all nations, leveraging the region’s reputation for tourism and its proximity to Niagara Falls.

A few years into the venture, ClayHandi has not only stood the test of time but has also expanded successfully, serving countless individuals from diverse heritages. Mr. Qazi’s dream of showcasing the strength of his heritage’s soil, the craftsmanship of artisans in the manufacturing process, and the significance of organic food prepared in an organic manner has become a reality at ClayHandi.

Work on Business, IT and Entrepreneurship

Apart from his success in the culinary world, Mr. Qazi’s professional journey also includes significant roles in business development, sales, and marketing. Before founding ClayHandi, he served as the Chief Executive Officer at GTA Concepts, a leading sales and marketing company. At GTA Concepts, he worked closely with the European Union and the UK’s Department of Trade and Industry, engaging in more than 500 trade shows and establishing multiple offices across the US, Canada, Australia, and Poland.

Before his tenure at GTA Concepts, Mr. Qazi held the position of Chief Executive Officer at MGH Corporation for 15 years, a leading trading company providing services globally. His expertise in business development, sales, and marketing has been honed through decades of navigating the complexities of the international business landscape.


Mr. Qazi’s educational background includes a Master’s degree in Marketing from the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. Beyond his professional endeavours, he has also contributed to academia by teaching university courses on the role of technology in business, marketing, product development, and branding at various institutions across Pakistan.

Recent News:

In a recent interview, Murshad Masud Qazi shared valuable insights into the differences between running a business and having a job. Emphasizing the entrepreneurial path, he highlighted the necessity of taking risks, working hard, and fostering innovation. According to him, while entrepreneurship involves challenges, the potential rewards are boundless. However, he acknowledged that stable employment with a steady income and benefits can provide a safer and more secure option.

He is now working with Lift Pakistan work as well. As a testament to his commitment to knowledge sharing, Mr. Qazi regularly engages with his audience through live sessions. Collaborating with fellow entrepreneur Umair Tabassum, Founder and CEO of Grow Pakistan, he addresses questions on entrepreneurship, providing valuable insights to aspiring business minds.

Murshad Masud Qazi’s journey from Chakwal to Buffalo represents a remarkable fusion of entrepreneurship, culinary artistry, and a deep-rooted connection to his heritage. His story inspires not only those in the culinary world but also budding entrepreneurs and individuals contemplating the path less traveled. Through ClayHandi, Mr. Qazi continues to leave an indelible mark on the gastronomic landscape, inviting people of all nations to savor the flavors of organic cooking and experience the richness of his cultural heritage.

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