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Here at Kar Dikhao "Pakistan's First platform to foster the startup ecosystem via entrepreneurship related stories", we are sharing stories of startups and entrepreneurs from around Pakistan to promote local talent and help our own hustlers make a noise. Please submit your story today, and get it published for free! #KarDikhao

About Us

Welcome to Kardikhao, a platform dedicated to showcasing the inspiring stories of Pakistani entrepreneurs, startup founders, bloggers, freelancers, thought leaders, change-makers, trendsetters, and all the other heroes.


Our mission is to celebrate the success and achievements of Pakistan’s most innovative and creative minds and to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders.

What Do We Believe?

At KarDikhao, we believe that the stories of these heroes are more than just headlines – they are a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit that drives innovation and progress in our country. From tech startups to lifestyle blogs, from freelancers to social impact organizations, these heroes represent the diversity and vitality of the Pakistani entrepreneurial ecosystem.

With our platform, we aim to connect these heroes with a wider audience and to create a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Goal!

Our goal is to inspire, inform, and engage people from all walks of life, and to help them realize their own potential as entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders.

We invite you to join us on this journey and to become a part of the #KarDikhao community. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, an aspiring startup founder, or just someone who loves to learn about innovation and creativity, we believe that you will find value in the stories we share.

So, come along for the ride, and discover the heroes that are shaping the future of Pakistan. Join us at KarDikhao today! Submit Your Story now.

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