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7 Ways to Change Pakistan

Bringing change becomes a necessity when you can’t (accurately) predict the future of a country and change happens when the youth of a country learns how to survive and thrive. We can change Pakistan with these 7 steps.

1. Skill Based Education

Skill-based education is a type of learning where students learn through doing. Students are given tasks to complete and they have to work out how to solve problems. In this way, students develop their problem solving skills and become independent learners.

2. Problem Solving

Problem solving is the act of finding solutions to complex issues. A student who is good at problem solving will often find ways to overcome challenges and obstacles.

3. Independent Learners

Independent learners do not need much help to learn. They are able to figure things out themselves and understand concepts without needing any outside assistance.

4. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the ability to think about something critically. When we use critical thinking, we look at information objectively and analyze it carefully before making a decision. We ask questions and seek answers to determine what is true and what is false.

5. Creativity

Creativity is the ability to produce something new and useful. Creative people are able to think of different ideas and solutions to problems.

6. Communication Skills

Communication skills are the skills that allow us to effectively communicate our thoughts and opinions to others. Good communication skills allow us to express ourselves clearly and concisely.

7. Leadership

Leadership is the ability to influence and guide the actions of others. Leaders are able to motivate others and get them to follow their lead.

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