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The Mighty Magic of Ansha – A Brand for Handmade Accessories, Journey From scratch to stardom

Amna Nazir, from @shop_ansha, starts a creative adventure with her sister Sumaira Noman. They’re passionate about crafting and have a great eye for design, diving into the handmade accessories world. Amna, who loves social media, takes care of Ansha’s online presence. It’s important to mention that Ansha is Sumaira’s brand, and together, they’re crafting this magical story.

They sell Bows, Bow Clips, Hair Pins, Hair Clips, Scrunchies, and Everything Handmade.

The Start and How they Proceeded:

Mrs Sumaira Noman, the imaginative force behind our handmade treasures, began creating accessories for her children, five sisters, and nieces. The encouragement and warmth she received from her close circle motivated her to transform her passion into a brand. When Amna Nazir joined the journey, they recognized the opportunity to showcase Sumaira’s creations to a wider audience. Ansha became a collaborative effort, with each member contributing their skills, but at its core, it remained a brand owned by the creative soul, Sumaira Noman.

The Inspiration:

Let me share a cool story about Sumaira Noman, an awesome mom with four kids. She’s super good at creating beautiful things from scratch, and that’s how the amazing brand Ansha began. But she didn’t do it alone – her sister Amna joined in too!

Amna is like a social media expert, doing digital stuff like magic. Together, Sumaira and Amna make a perfect team – Sumaira makes the cool stuff, and Amna shows it to everyone online.

So, what’s Ansha about? They make stylish things like handmade hair bows and scrunchies. Each piece has its own special story. It’s not just about wearing a bow or scrunchie; it’s about the love, hard work, and creativity that went into making it.

Ansha is like a magical adventure where each accessory is more than just something to wear. It’s a small part of a big love story between sisters and the cool things they create. Come join the magic of Ansha, where dreams come true one handmade creation at a time.

Enter the fun world of Ansha, where the magic of sisterhood and creating dreams comes together! #AnshaMagic #CraftingDreams #SisterhoodCreators

Let’s Check what the hardworking sisters say about their brand:

A peak through on the work from the team:

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