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Ali Raza – Story of Google Certified Marketer from Pakistan

I started my career way back in 2004. The time when we had Shoa, Nexlinx and WOL Dial up connections. Usually the speed was of 56KBPS and then the telephone needs to be hold while we use Internet. It was often an hassle to deal with slow connection combined by the advices and lectures i use to receive for blocking the telephone of my house for all the time. I got first certified in SEO in 2006 from WebCEO. I used to design website in front page and dreamviewer at that time.

We were used to be call Webmasters at that time. I didnt create a blog because i was a marketer and we can speak for hours but writing was never the cup of my tea. Going further I got certified in Google Ads & Bing Ads in 2011 and got Google Partner Company Status in 2012.

I started getting invitations to hold public sessions in different places including different universities. Coming from Business family background, I had an edge when it comes to Business, Ideas and Execution.
I kept on thinking that i need a way to stay in touch with my audience so I created my own blog in 2015. It wasnt a first time i was creating a blog or a site but it was a first time i was doing Personal Branding.

I read international blogs and i found that Personal Branding can be a great way to survive in the modern digital era world and thats how i can remain connected with my audience.

But who knows that I maybe a good marketer but not a good writer. My first article was a mere disappointment with lot’s of grammar and typo errors.

I was stubborn for success, I kept writing and i kept hearing and that’s how people started appreciating me. You know when i wrote my second article i realised it was slightly better then my first one, so i realised if i can keep on writing and have a strong eye on my competitor’s blog, I can improve and thats what I did.

The second thing i used was my personal relations as well marketing strategies to get in touch with famous people and ask them to review my blog. Some appreciated, some shared and i got some attention.

I did some round ups and then interviews and it also helped.

I never wanted to earn or rely on blogging so thats why I never placed Google Adsense on it. However i got bundle of my customers for my Agency as well Affiliate sales from my Blog which I don’t mind.

My Blog also helped me in building myself as a brand when it comes to Digital Marketing (which was my ultimate goal with the blog). Some do acknowledge and some don’t. I don’t mind either way.

I kept on writing, I was being consistent and I got my version of success.

Hope it turns out to be a good read for everyone.

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