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Read the Story of Shoaib Rauf, Founder of Pakistani Startup DropShipPK.com

Hi, Introduce Yourself:

My name is Shoaib Rauf and my startup name is DropShip Couriers & Logistics Year Founded: 2015

Why You Founded DropShipPK, what’s the story?

DropShip Couriers & Logistics offers transportation and courier services to e-commerce businesses, corporates, and individuals across the globe. There were three driving forces behind the startup idea: to empower women entrepreneurs, facilitate small-level dropshippers and e-commerce startups, and make delivery services more accessible for everyone.

During my entrepreneurial journey of 12 years, I observed that e-commerce ventures and new dropshippers struggled with the efficient and safe delivery of their products. They were neglected by other courier companies who were not ready to entertain startups. This was especially true for women entrepreneurs and working-from-home moms. But since reliable logistics and courier service is the pillar of e-commerce, I realized the need for a delivery service that would support every level of seller and store.

That’s how I came up with the idea of DropShip Couriers & Logistics to facilitate every dropship and e-commerce business regardless of its size and type. The DropShip Couriers & Logistics was founded as a one-man startup in Karachi to offer document express, parcel express, and gift delivery to resellers, women entrepreneurs, and individuals within the city. The company rapidly developed into an express delivery and courier service in Pakistan while overcoming a list of challenges. In a city like Karachi where crimes like mugging and bikejacking are at their peak, ensuring a safe fleet delivery and cash flow was the biggest challenge we had to face.

Thriving among the huge competition and attracting people to our venture and winning their trust was another difficult task for us. But we successfully beat these problems by introducing the cash-on-delivery module, hiring a competent fleet, and working on our customers’ feedback.

Every employee we onboard undergoes extensive customer service, effective communication, and cash flow management training to ensure safe and reliable delivery. We take on our customers’ feedback and use it to optimize our delivery process. Our Unique Cash on Delivery (COD) module, proficient customer support, and easy facilitation for individuals, solopreneurs, and small businesses are what sets us apart from our competitors.

When we started in 2015, we would pay our clients in advance to settle their cash payments. When it comes to women empowerment, we not only offer them efficient delivery services but also help them in creating business websites, e-commerce stores, and social media pages. With the fleet transportation module, we also wanted to create more employment opportunities for students and youngsters to help them manage their educational expenses and kitchen income.

During the recent recession period when many delivery startups closed their operations in Pakistan, we provided employment opportunities to 100+ freelance riders. Six years down the road and the quick reputation and efficacy of our business boasted to one of the largest and most reliable logistics companies in Pakistan, delivering couriers and cargo throughout Pakistan and around the world.

To all the young entrepreneurs out there, success doesn’t come overnight. You will face hurdles and have to put your shoulder to the wheel to reach your goals. Don’t give up! Remember that consistency and persistence are the keys to success. Struggle now to achieve what you want and live the life of your dreams in the future.

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