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Fawad Khan – Jobless Engineer to an Entrepreneur

Hi, Here’s what Fawad has to say you:

My name is Fawad Khan and I am basically from Distt. Dir (Lower) KPK, Pakistan. I did my bachelors in Mechatronics Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Peshawar back in 2014. After graduation I was looking for a job as my mind was programmed in the university and in my neighborhood and family that after graduation you have to do a job to live a happy life. I applied almost everywhere but didn’t have any response from anywhere Alhamdulillah! Yes, Alhamdulillah J and here I am going to tell you why I am saying Alhamdulillah. When I was unemployed I started my career as a cab-driver and started to drive my own private car as a cab to have some earnings so that I could live a happy life. So a jobless engineer turns into a cab driver. My friends, fellows and relatives started insulting me and started calling me a cab-driver engineer. I was calm and affording those moments in my life. One day, December 22, 2014 my mother came to me and said; there is nothing in kitchen to make in the dinner. The entire ration has finished and I was clearly feeling the sadness on my mother’s face. I told her that don’t worry ALLAH is there to feed us. So I went outside and drove my car for five hours and earned about eight hundred rupees. Then I bought one kg rice, a chicken, one and a half liter cold drink bottle and a pack of biryani and came back to home. When I entered the home there my mom was standing in the TV lounge and when she saw the food stuff in my hand, she smiled with tears of pride and happiness falling down from her eyes. Then what I saw was incredible. She came closer to me and gave me a tight hug with a gentle kiss on my left cheek. I can still feel that kiss and for the very first time in my life I feel like a proud son. Then after having dinner in the evening I sat with my mom and she told me that one day you will find an opportunity where you will be earning 2-3 lac rupees a month. I smiled and told my mother that no one is interested to interview me for a 20-30 thousands monthly salary and you are talking about 2-3 lac! But I didn’t know the power of my mother’s pray. After a week on December 30, 2014 my mom got a phone call from an unknown number. She was Madam Noreen from Rawalpindi and she told my mother about a career opportunity. I took the phone from my mother and asked Madam Noreen; am I eligible to apply for that career opportunity and she asked me for my CV. On Monday 5th January, 2015 Madam Noreen called me to appear for the interview. I was so excited because for the very first time someone gave me a chance to be interviewed. After meeting Madam Noreen she told me to attend a 45-minutes presentation. There were about hundred more candidates in the hall. After attending the presentation, honestly speaking, I understand nothing except one thing – the speaker told us that those people who got selected today will be earning 2-3 lac rupees a month after working hard for a few years. That thing really clicked into my mind and I recalled my mother’s pray; that one day you will find an opportunity where you will be earning 2-3 lac rupees a month. After the selection process I got selected to be a part of Network Marketing Profession. So started my career as a sales person selling healthcare products. Attended every single training to sharpen my mind and improve my skills. Network marketing profession helped me explore my inner strengths, improving my skills and finding my passion. That helped me to start something own and becoming an entrepreneur. After 4 years of struggle I started my own startup “Explorify” and worked hard to build a business out of that within 3 years after Covid-19. Explorify successfully raised seed investment and won SMEDA grant along with generated a total revenue of 10 million rupees. I am earning around 2 lac rupees a month from Explorify. I wept for the whole night that day as ALLAH showed me that you are here just because of your mother ‘s pray. That day if I wouldn’t drive my car as a cab, I wouldn’t be able to earn that eight hundred rupees and wouldn’t be able to give my mother a tasty dinner and may be my mother wouldn’t pray with such sincerity and I; a jobless engineer and a poor cab driver wouldn’t be in front of you today.

Overview of Explorify (Pakistani Startup):

Explorify is a registered tourism company from SECP and FBR holding a DTS license from Directorate of Tourist Services KPK. Initially Explorify was a tourism company that facilited tourists from KP region only and with the passage of time finally expanded nationally and in 2022 worked with foreign tourists as well. So far Explorify successfully served around 5000 tourists including 30+ international (foreign tourists) as well. Now Explorify is an online platform that helps tourists explore the wonders of nature along with helping them avail quality tourism deals like; transportation, accommodation, tour packages and tour guide services easily on a single platform in a few simple clicks with no compromise on the quality of service. Year 2022 was a breakthrough for Explorify as we successfully raised the seed fund and also awarded by SMEDA with a startup grant. Till now Explorify generated a total revenue of 10 million rupees.

Why Explorify?

Sharing the link below to the story behind Explorify; https://youtu.be/TkFaNNTwFok or just watch the video:

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