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Amna Ikhlaq – Success Story of A Public Speaker and Web-developer

Dreaming was something I always loved to do, but just 4 years ago I knew nothing about converting my dreams into reality.

And for a girl like me it was not a cup of tea!

Yes, a girl who failed in her intermediate maths 2 times, who was the most incompetent in her siblings and who was supposed to just complete some reasonable study and then get married.

But that was the point when I realized that is it the end for me?

I was doing self analysis for the first time in my 18 years of life at that point, and that simple maths I decided what I wanted to do.

I always had an interest in computer , even in 9th standard when the computer studies started in my school for the first time in 2010 I was the first student who got an admission in it having 0 knowledge about computer and 0 facilities at home .

I got admission in GCUF Community College because of my 50 % score in my Intermediate I was not competent enough to reserve a seat in a Good University . I must say it was my father who despite of my poor performance kept on pushing me for my good .

From Getting a Silver Medal in my degree to learning “Web Development” in 2016 I thought my Dreams started getting a life .

But then reality hits , now I have to search for job or you can say career because a Female Developer in my society was something really odd . I had to prove my skills every time I switched my Office Job.

There is always one person / mentor beside your parents who guide you to the path of your success and I met with that person in 2019 .After having lot of discussions with Mr. Qasim Agha Khan he introduced me with my inner self and pushed me for public speaking .

I started doing Tech Talks , Trainings and Interviews , and at that point when I looked behind I realized how far I came from a girl who barely talk about the things is now an independent girl working on numerous independent projects.

Building communities to helping companies and Training newbies to Deliver Technical Talks in some years is what I achieved.

And it was all hidden because of the educational pressure, pressure of the things I never wanted in my life.

So to end, Success began with your self analysis and the confidence in your believes. Stop copying the path of others, Allah Almighty has blessed all of us with some unique different skills and abilities.

Use your life to explore the hidden secrets of your personality and make it more admirable for others and acceptable for yourself.

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