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Free Paani Pakistan: A New Initiative By Young Entrepreneur Mr Abu Bakr Siddique

In Pakistan, a distinctive initiative has arisen to address both the issues of water scarcity and charitable assistance. Introducing Free Paani, an innovative project that envisions high-quality drinking water not only as a basic necessity but also as a potent platform for advertising. It is just like a mini billboard. This project places a strong emphasis on philanthropy and ecological accountability, showcasing a groundbreaking approach to commerce. They also aim to donate the amount for the Thar Water Project to overcome water scarcity.

A Visionary Approach to Advertising and Charity:

As a third-world country, it is important to work more on business and initiative ideas rather than just opening a charity system. This business has a visionary approach!

Free Paani stands out as an innovative advertising solution in Pakistan, transforming the way we perceive premium drinking water. Initiated by Mr. Abu Bakar Siddique, the project has set out to leverage the most effective tool in brand loyalty — advertising — to make a lasting impact on the country’s water crisis.

The Business Model:

Similar to its counterpart FreeWater in other regions, Free Paani operates on a unique business model. Every bottle sold contributes a Rs. 5 donation to charities dedicated to addressing water-related challenges. The cost is covered through advertisements printed directly onto the bottles, offering an interactive experience with QR codes that lead consumers to various digital content, including coupons and videos.

They took this idea from Mr Josh Clifford who is currently working in Austin, Texas and many places in the US under the company Free Water. Mr. Abu Bakr contacted him and then he gave consultation to him to manage this business.

He has also collaborated with different wedding halls where they will cater this water to millions of people.

Future Mission:

Free Paani has already financed the first ever water well and they are working on several other water projects as well.

They have now aimed to start with free bread and free milk as well. They will make money from ads to cover the cost and with every bottle, 1 PKR will go to charity.

Companies Who Collaborated/Are Collaborating:

Many companies have shown interest in collab with the Free Paani project including:

  • Gobis Paints
  • Roofgrip
  • Radiant Construction Chemicals
  • The Sweet Rusk
  • Anarkali Event Complex

A Partnership with Purpose:

In its mission to create positive change, Free Paani has partnered with Customs Healthcare Society, an organization founded by Dr. Asif Mahmood Jah in 1998. Dr Jah, honoured with Sitar-e-Imtiaz and Hilal-e-Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan, has dedicated his life to serving humanity in distress. This partnership underscores the commitment of Free Paani to align with reputable organizations that share its vision for positive social impact.

Quality Of Water:

They are taking water from a Superior Natural Water company that is licensed by Govt of Pakistan. All details and contents are mentioned on the bottles.

What if I Have a Limited Budget to Invest in Ads on Free Paani?

You can simply collaborate with non-competing brands. As there are three sides of the bottle, each ad from each company will be displayed on one side.

The Impactful Numbers:

The project aims to make a lasting difference by encouraging 20% of Pakistan’s citizens to choose Free Pani. With every bottle purchase contributing Rs. 5 to water-related charities, this ambitious goal could result in a significant and sustainable solution to Pakistan’s water crisis.

Beyond Thirst Quenching:

What sets Free Paani apart is its dual purpose — not only does it provide a refreshing drink, but it also addresses critical issues of water scarcity. The project envisions premium drinking water as a vehicle for change, turning a daily necessity into a powerful force for good.

Looking Ahead:

Free Paani is not just a business; it’s a movement. By intertwining advertising with philanthropy, this initiative challenges the traditional notions of commerce and aims to create a positive ripple effect. The project’s success could serve as a beacon of inspiration for similar ventures around the world, showcasing how business innovation can contribute to solving pressing global challenges.

Free Paani is more than just a brand of water; it’s a symbol of hope, change, and the belief that small actions can lead to significant results. As consumers, by choosing Free Paani, we not only quench our thirst but also become part of a collective effort to combat water scarcity and support charitable initiatives. It’s a refreshing approach to business that reminds us of the transformative power that lies within seemingly ordinary products.

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