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Tahir Habib – Success Story of Tipricks.com Founder

I was a medical student but I love to use computers from my childhood, due to lack of internet facility at home I started to edit software’s, making my own installers of cracked software, putting pictures on audio songs, making videos with pictures on Windows Movie Makers.

My story as a blogger begins in 2012 when I was about fifteen years old but I wanted to do something bigger and better in life.

One day I was sitting in front of the TV and I heard about making money on the internet by sitting at home. There was no internet facility at my home so far, so I used to go to a friend’s house every night and use the internet for hours there, to search for how I can make money? why the internet will pay me? what are the different ways by which I can make money? By searching all this I get to know about Blogger. I had no idea what it was, how to use it. Meanwhile, one year has passed.

I ask my parents to install the internet at home? Yes, my family accepted my stubbornness. The internet connection also came to my house in 2013.
Now I started using the internet day and night to learn bloggers, by doing different experiments on it and started to see what happens. And in doing so I created a lot of blogs that have been seen a lot in Pakistan. During this time, I learned a lot that I wanted to share with others. So I created a blog with the name “Tips and Tricks”, later on, it turns into “TipRicks” by taking T common in the start and S at the end from TipsTricks. So in 2014, I founded TipRicks to guide people who have no knowledge of computers at all. After creating this website, all my attention came to it and I stopped using other blogs. So far I’ve only been running it with the Blogger subdomain since people from other countries see my blog design and started contacting me and asked me to work on different projects and I was very happy with that. It was a great success for me. Even though I was to a computer student, I started getting projects for website creation.

I worked hard on these projects. But when the time came to get money from the client, I did not know how to receive money from the USA in Pakistan, so I asked the client to pay for the domain of my website. So I bought the domain (tipricks.com) from GoDaddy for two years but a few days later my account was closed because the account was created with my name but the money for the domain was paid by my client from the USA.

That’s why GoDaddy asked me for a scanned copy of the ID card or credit card for payment verification. I tried talking to that customer again but I couldn’t. So my domain was updated automatically with a closed account and registered itself for 3 years by 2019. I could no longer reconnect it to my website, nor could I buy it from any other domain registrar. This made me very sad and I left doing blogging with that passion. But somewhere, there was still a desire in my heart that I want to do this, so sometimes I would open the website and write articles. Later on, this started getting valuable insights from all over the world, and I started to enjoy blogging a lot. I felt a strange uneasiness when I didn’t blog.

I had learned a lot about the website over the years and I understood a lot about HTML and CSS. In 2017, there was a competition at the university to create a website through WordPress. In which I, being a second-semester student of agriculture, got the position by defeating the students of the eighth semester of computer science. This was a huge success. Then, I also worked as a web developer for my university and for various organizations.

When the time came for the domain to expire in 2019, a lot of people contacted me from other countries, do you want this domain? So I realized that as soon as the domain expires, they will buy it and sell it to me at a high price. So every day I started checking the availability of the domain, again and again, to see when it would open and I would buy it. Because this domain had become my identity, that’s why I wanted to get it at all costs. So I bought it again on October 2, 2019, at 12:00AM, just after a few seconds when it becomes available. Of course, I made a lot of money from this too, but now I do it not for money but only for my hobby. That’s why I didn’t put ads on my website.

I am also mentioned by some bloggers in the list of top ten bloggers of Pakistan.

Of course, you guys would love to hear that but only that person knows how much he worked to get to this point.

“Everyone jealous of you after seeing you at the top, but nobody knows how many times you were fucked behind the stage.”

I always wanted to study computer science but I was forced to choose the medical field due to the insistence of my family. But still, I did what I wanted to do. I got everything I wanted. And it taught me a great lesson in life that whatever a person wants to achieve, the circumstances may not be right for him. But if he is determined and works hard, he can get what he wants.

I am a living example to all those who make lame excuses that they wanted to do it but were not allowed to do it. I managed both my field and my hobby at the same time. Some students from the field of computer science still come to learn from me. I am known in my community as a computer expert, not being from the field of computer science. I don’t consider myself worthy of it. But I’m still very proud of this.

Of course, man can only try, but the one who gives success belongs to Allah Almighty alone.

Now I’m working on new projects in my field of food science, in addition to tipricks.

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