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Charity Will Not Save Pakistan

Charity could not save a country. When a person gives money to charity, they expect something in return. If they do not receive anything back, then they feel cheated. In the same way, if a country does not get any help from the outside world, it cannot survive.

Pakistan is currently suffering from a lack of funds. There is not (enough) money coming in from taxes, and people are struggling to pay their bills. Many people have lost their jobs, and others are losing their homes. The government is trying to find ways to bring in more money, but it seems like nothing is working out.

If Pakistan were to ask for help, what would happen? Would anyone give us the money we need? Or would everyone just walk away and leave the country to die?

Will other countries do charity to Save Pakistan or a nationwide charity will do the trick?

Well, the only solution here is “Developing Skilled Youth”.

Not labor, but educating the youth with digital skills and skills of the future such as AI, Blockchain, Coding, Hacking, and more.

That’s a way to let the youth create startups and generate money without asking for charity but investment and funding.

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